Original and high-quality full-service provider to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Business dinners, gala or incentive, with a touch of creativity, designed to aggregate and entertain the customer meeting their needs and ensuring prestige and professionalism.

Exclusive meetings with accommodation up to groups of 15 people.

Wine Challenge lead by wine experts, who will entertain the customer ensuring the professional needs but which will also be moments of pure entertainment for anyone.

Concerts of classical music and opera that will make you go back in time discovering a totally unique atmosphere.

Guided tours by appointment (only park for groups of 10 people, park and interior for groups of minimum 20 persons).

Exhibitions and installations, photographic services and fashion shows, food and wine events with tastings and Wine Challenge, Concerts, Cooking classes and specialization courses.

Each event will be taylored to your requirements, together with professional help, we can guarantee maximum reliability and experience to carry out each project.